Jan 8, 2011

Mission Statements

Cultural magazines have a difficult time saying what they do in a way that differentiates them from each other and/or makes them appear interesting to a casual browser, as these examples taken at random from the Literary Section of the Mags Canada listings demonstrate:
“offers the best in narrative, photography, comix, poetry, puzzles, weird cartography and offbeat literary contests”

“publishes engaging, eclectic and challenging writing and art by Canadian and international writers and artists.”

“Each issue of this award-winning magazine is packed with stories, poems and creative non-fiction by emerging and established writers. “
These difficulties of definition are intrinsic to cultural publishing, which cannot be said to fulfill the consumer need for information required in the daily pursuit of everyday life, whether for entertainment, news or recreation.

Cultural publishing, although it knows it when it sees it, is not yet able to say what it it sees and knows and that its current and prospective readers see and know.

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